I am a lawyer, and I believe in what I do, but sometimes wish I could have made a living from travel, food or wine, or all three. But as I can't, I'll settle for writing about it.


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Where the Jacaranda Grow

Views of my travels by Andy Orange

There is something very special about the beautiful jacaranda tree in spring. Not only the trees themselves, but the places where they grow - warm, sunny, often very close to beautiful scenery - green valleys, mountains - and also often very close to another of my passions. Vineyards. Well, not strictly the vineyards, more their produce. I love the lights, noise and smells of the city, the relaxation of a tropical beach, rolling countryside, the vibrant life along the riverbank. But if I had to settle somewhere, it would be one of the places where the jacaranda grow.

March 23, 2017

There is something about taking a flight that causes some normally intelligent and rational people to lose all senses when it comes to luggage.

What exactly does the average person need on a flight lasting perhaps 8 hours, maybe 10. (I am not talking here about the buck...

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